Pan American World Airways, commonly known as Pan Am, was the principal US international air carrier.
The airline was founded in 1927 as Pan American Airways Incorporated (PAA).
In 1950 Pan American Airways was renamed Pan American World Airways.
In 1955 the traditional half-wing symbol was replaced with a clean blue globe over-laid with curved parabolic lines.
In 1980 Pan Am acquired National Airlines.
In 1991 Pan Am declared bankruptcy and ceased operations.

PAN AM - 1 (S0093)

Frontside Size: 13.5 cm

PAN AM - 2 (S0198)

Reverse Size: 15.5 cm

PAN AM - 3 (S0356)

Reverse Size: 14.6 cm

PAN AM - 4 (S0400)

Frontside Size: 13.8 cm Used on the Strato Clippers in the 1950s

PAN AM - 5 (S0401)

Frontside Size: 14.6 cm Gold plated

PAN AM - 6 (S0522)

Frontside Size: 15.7 cm Silver

PAN AM - 7 (S0948)

Frontside Size: 15.7 cm PAD = Pacific-Alaska Division

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