BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation)


United Kingdom

The British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) was the British airline which existed from 1939 until 1974.
The company started life with a merger between Imperial Airways Ltd. and British Airways Ltd.
BOAC was merged in 1974 with British European Airways (BEA) to form British Airways.

BOAC - 1 (S0124)

Reverse Size: 15.2 cm

BOAC - 2 (S0130)

Reverse Size: 11.3 cm

BOAC - 3 (S0331)

Reverse Size: 11.2 cm

BOAC - 4 (S0485)

Reverse Size: 16 cm

BOAC - 5 (S0812)

Reverse Size: 12.8 cm

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